Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fit For A King

I have been quilting since the 70's. Yes that's right I started in the days before the rotary cutter!
 Hard to remember what that was like, but anyway....My DH has been asking when I was going to make a quilt for our bed. We have a king size bed and I have been putting that off because of size. Well no longer. My bucket list just about has another item crossed off.  I have been making Sisters Choice blocks now for a while thanks to Bonnie Hunters method, and I am suprised that I have enough now for my bed!. My original thought was to just put on one black inner border and a green outer border.

before borders.....
I've also been making four patches as leader enders each time I  sew.
 It's amazing how those have piled up. So I got to thinking........
Maybe they should be my outer border.....
I really like how this turned out.

A little better view of the border.

One big quilt!

Glad I went with this border.

Now for backing and quilting!
Yep I do love the scrappy quilt!
This size however.... ONE AND DONE!

Friday, August 24, 2012

What To Do?

   The other day someone brought in a box of apples to work for whoever wanted them. I brought them home and....................Apple sauce, and a Pie!

Yum! I do love summertime with all the produce.
This year I have only been able to get to the farmers
market one time. :(
Think maybe I better go get some fresh corn today before it is all gone.
I found this on FaceBook and had to share.....
Enjoy your day!  Jeri

Friday, August 17, 2012


    Spending time with my mom and sisters this weekend. Today we had a "sewcial" . Four of us sisters came together to sew. It's a little warm here, so we went down to the basement to do our sewing. Mom made it down the stairs to do a little supervising as we set up our machines and ironing station and cutting area. My sister has a pretty nice set up for all of us. We each had our own projects to sew on.....

Funky Chickens in progress.....

Such fun funky Chickens.


Getting this UFO finished!

Another Block of the month.

This is Bunnies by  "Raspberry Rabbits

A little more SandCastle.

This was my project. I started this quilt last fall as a
class put on by my guild.
It's a Karla Alexander quilt
Funky Curvey Rails.

These are the six blocks I finished today.
Don't they look good among the alyssum.

and mom enjoying the afternoon garden.

Here is the hydrangea she loves so much.

What a good day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Quilts for Kids

      Today is a Charity Quiltfest in my sewing room. I have the jason mraz tunes on pandora....


This was the first finish for the day. I put this top together for Quilts for Kids. I have made several of these. They go together quickly. The great thing about these is they come precut in such cute fabrics. They are so fun to put together.

This is a precut kit.
I have already pieced the 4 patches.

the body of the quilt is finished....

Here is the finished top.

I am also trying to machine sew on binding. I usually handstitch the binding on the back of the quilts that I make, but I wanted to try sewing for a change. I have several charity quilts to finish and I think this would save some time. There are quite a few tutorials on the web so I combined several and have my own version. I usually use a 2 1/4 inch binding strip, but cut these 2 1/2 . Then I sewed them to the back of the quilt, pressed them to the front and then zig zag stitched them on. Not too bad. I will probably use this method again. I really do like the neatness of  hand sewing though.

But, it certainly is quicker.

sorry, a little out of focus.

These two tops were made by my sisters grandaughters.
Nice job girls. They are finally finished and ready
to give to my guild for "lullabye quilts"

a little detail of the "popcorn " pangtograph.

Love this panto!

I challenge you to request a "Quilts for Kids" kit.
They are for such a good cause,
and are fun to piece together.!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

9 times 9 Equals 81

   Today I sewed all the rows together for my Sister's Choice quilt. I kept thinking of the little song ...
99 bottles of beer on the wall.....etc. etc. I don't know why but it just kept going through my mind.
Here are the blocks all sewn together. 9 rows of 9 blocks.....

Kind of hard to get it all in one shot!

               Now for a couple of borders and then it will be time to quilt this bad boy!

Friday, August 3, 2012

A String Fling

Today in the mail I received a book that was on backorder......

TaDa String Fling has arrived!

This one has been on my I can't wait to get my hands on it list!

I am such a huge Bonnie Hunter fan. I read her blog daily. So much fun to travel with her to all the places she goes to teach. Someday maybe she will come to Portland. I will so be there.

This Sisters Choice quilt is one from her blog.
By the way 8 rows down, one to go!

There are some beautiful quilts in this book.
I have my eye on this one.....
Those are 5 inch pineapple blocks!

I love the borders too!

Call me Crazy I may ... or  may not be thinking about
starting this quilt!

"Once you go Scrappy, you never go back!"
Bonnie Hunter