Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birdie Stitches

     Sitting here this morning just listening to the quiet........I am back from San Diego and have worked the last two days. Today I have the day off and am spending the morning catching up on my Emails and blogs that I read. I feel bad that I don't blog as frequently as some of those that I follow but then again there are no rules in blogging. This is my space, my time, I get to set my own rules. Today I have time to sit a spell and blog, tomorrow maybe not. Okay enough said......
     I am wanting to get back to some quilting on my gammill. I have quite a few flimsies in the que! My sisters just gave me a couple of theirs to quilt and I still have a couple of baby charity quilts to finish. Choices....where do I start. I think it will be with my sisters Birdie Stitches BOM quilt. It has been hanging on the design wall and I finally have a plan for the quilting of it. Yep that is where I will start. Here is a picture. Didn't it turn out cute.....?

She gave me some yummy King Tut thread in grey to quilt with.

This is one of my favorite blocks....

         But first I need to dust off the machine and get her all oiled and ready. Better get off the computer and get started.        Later / Jeri

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shop Hoppin' in San Diego

      Yesterday I decided to shop hop the quilt shops around San Diego.
 I had been to Rosies yesterday so today I would explore some new to me shops.
 With GPS in hand I set off for my day of adventure.

This was my first stop.
The Country Loft in La Mesa

What a fun little shop.

A primitive inspired shop.
There was a group of ladies stitching away the the classroom.

They had a building in the back with antiques.
I love the old quilts displayed in there.

Well loved and worn.

See those little prairie points. I loved this basket one.

Next on my stop was  Cozy Quilt Shop.
It's in El Cajon.

They are the home of the
Strip Tube Ruler.
of course I had to buy the ruler. I hope it will come in handy
with all the 2 1/2 " strips that I am accumulating!

One more stop before lunch....
Memory Lane Quilt Shop
It's in El Cajon too.

They have quite a few of their own
" scrap friendly " patterns.  

I am seeing a lot of Batiks in So Cal........

Here is one of their scrap friendly quilt patterns.
I liked the setting on this simple block.

Lunch time.....

This was one choice....
When in So Cal.......
Love those chilidogs!

but I opted for this choice....
Let's see what all the hype is about!
Their drive thru line was ridiculously long.
I opted to go in.

Wow what an experience!
A very busy place.
"Quality You Can Taste"

Not a bad burger.
The fries....not so much.

Okay back on the road.......

This was my last stop on the hop.
It was a ways out in Poway.
Kind of hard to find.
It was set back into an area of businesses.
Not really in a retail spot.

There were ladies sewing in the classroom here too.
I just love that.
I enjoyed their converstions and sharing.
Quilters are such friendly spirits.

and this was my take for the day.
Patterns, notions, and fabric.....
Such a lovely day. Loved exploring all the new places.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sun is Shining in San Diego

       Spending a little time with my son and his wife in San Diego this week. I am loving the sunshine. I have not seen it much lately in Portland. A little retail therapy today at the quilt shop. :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April Bee Blocks

                   Mailing out these blocks today for my April Bee's....................

Sew Bee Wonky
Amish wonky liberated string blocks

Harmony ... at  Do Good Stitches
more Granny square blocks in purple and green.

Off to the Post Office..........................................

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter Weekend

        Spending time with my mom and sisters this week. We made a trip out to the beach for an overnight. It is one of her favorite places.

A nice sunset out at Depoe Bay

The deck off our condo. Surf was crashing.....

Me and my mom....

A few flowers blooming outside our room.

Columbia Crest winery on the road back up to moms' house.

The sun was shining. It was beautiful up there.

and a few more blooms outside the winery.

This is where the wine is made.

Looking about the tasting room....

Tasting, trying to find just the right one for a
certain persons 90th birthday in May.

and then today the sun was out
 so we took a nice stroll about moms'