Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 38th wedding anniversary. 
So many memories made, and so many more to be made. 
Love you sweetie!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Celtic Solstice on the frame!

Not mine but isn't it beautiful. This is one that a friend at my Quilt Guild finished. Yes I said one of....she had two finished and brought them to be quilted. I talked her into letting me quilt one for her. I have it about 2/3 finished. Now this making me want to finish mine!

She really did a nice job piecing these blocks. So many pieces.
It is a pleasure to quilt! I' m using a panto called Sassy.
Neutral thread called "sesame seed". and I haven't used this batt
before. It's called  Warm Bond an 80/20 blend. Kind of like the Hobbs
that I use most of the time.

This is one beautiful quilt.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Reuse / Recycle

I tried a new grocery bag today. Just testing out the pattern. I always get comments at the store whenever I use one of my own bags. This pattern went together easily. I will make it again...

Grocery Bag Sewing Pattern - PDF (Instant Download) - 3 Sizes

My version.....

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Marching Along

Sometimes I seem to bounce all over the place with projects. I know I am not alone in this! And so this being said I have been doing a little of this and a little of that lately. My sewing room is getting a little bit cluttered, time to rein that in I think. Let's take a look at my random acts of sewing......

         Time to finish this charity quilt
 Blocks made by the Harmony / do Good Stitchers

Blocks for March / Sew Bee Wonky
yea! got an early start on these.

A nice pile of shaded 9 patches.
      Still need a few more.

Zip pouches for my girls.....
going to the beach this weekend!

I tried one of these blocks just to see....
only 200 something more to go.....
Still needing to finish Celtic Solstice.

a few charity baby quilts going to
the beach for binding.

       March penguin block / BOM
My Dressies needing to be quilted.
and these are just a portion of the mayhem! For now I will keep plugging away.......
Happy Sewing!