Thursday, December 31, 2015

And a Happy New Year...

Still plugging away on #4 clue of the Bonnie Hunter Mystery.
I finished 1,2,3,and 5. 
               Tomorrow another clue....

Here we go into 2016! 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thursday, December 3, 2015

HSTs after the Holiday

Last week we were in San Diego for Thanksgiving. 
We enjoyed our time with the family and grand pets.

        Hi Norman

      Bebe is a bit of a shy one

   And Gary.......always a happy pug.

       Here are the kids in the kitchen preparing our feast.

      We helped!

    The delicious Turkey that was brined. So good!

   The following day we drove out to Coronado. There is a dog beach there. 
     Gary enjoyed putting his toes in the waves. 

   I found some hexie Inspiration in the bathroom.

    A view of the iconic Coronado Resort. A bit stormy, 
       we get accused of always bringing the rain whenever we visit.....

    A few yummy cocktails .

   A visit to Jons studio to see his latest project.

   I must say we had a nice first part of our trip. I was sick on Saturday and Sunday and was coughing all the way home on Monday 😕😷

Last year I took fabric and started Bonnie Hunters Mystery quilt while we were still there. This year I left the fabric at home and so glad I did as I wouldn't have felt like sewing anyway. I decided to not buy any fabric and just make from stash this year. My grey is from the archives. It was in several strips that look like I used the length of it for borders. Hope there is enough. Tuesday I started cutting and today I am finishing 294 HSTs. Just about got the little buggers done. I even used the Easy Angle Ruler as she suggested. I must admit they are coming out quite accurate! 

   I will miss the start of the second clue tomorrow as I have to go back to work.....
     oh well there is always next week......

    How about you? Are you following the herd of Bonnie followers?

It is always so much fun!