Wednesday, March 23, 2016

To Celebrate 40 Years

Over this last weekend we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. 
We took the fifth wheel out for the first trip this year. 
Our site was a lovely ocean front at Beachside State Park on the Oregon coast. 
I was hoping to do a little whale watching.....we didn't see any whales, but had a great trip out to the coast ,with a nice dinner in NewPort.

     I couldn't believe this setup! 
         Right on the beach!

      This was our site.

     Yes it was a little drippy off and on,
      But this is March in Oregon🙃

      Our faux fire pit!

         Seal Rock hard to see the whales,
          But they are out there, traveling north.

     And a toast to 40 years together.

              Love my man!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Today I brought this beauty out to play.

I am getting ready to gift her to someone and I was curious as to if she still knew how to sew. And well yes she does. I just plugged her in and off she went. Brought back a lot of happy memories for me😊. I think I got her in 1980.  Just look at the case she came in!

 Bullit proof. I even have an acrylic extension table for her. My first Bernina, such a work horse.

I finished making these cute Sweetpea Pods with her.

Gotta love a Bernina!