Monday, December 31, 2012



Last evening I had the priviledge to prepare and serve a meal to about 70 men who are homeless and less fortunate than I . What an awesome experience it was. I hope to do more of that for the coming year. One of my goals. How awesome would it be to have this be everyones' goal for the year, to be a little kinder, to find ways to be more tolerant, to be more giving.....
Happy New Year to you,  Jeri

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Step 6 Easy Street Mystery

Almost all caught up and waiting for New Years Day and the next clue.......

Need to cut the green twice on the diagonal yet.....

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Linky Time...

Linky time just a little bit late....

With Christmas and last minute I knew this was going to be a few days late to post, but Bonnie Hunter extended her monday Link up for the Mystery "Easy Street" this week. That is so fine with me. Today I caught up with step 5 for the week.

This is the halfway point for the Mystery.
Wonder where this will lead?

I did finish up a few projects prior to Christmas day but wasn't able to share because they were secret or I didn't have time to post. Here are a few pics of those projects.

These doll quilts were so fun to make.
I hear the two recipients were so excited with these.

They each had a pillow and case to go with them.

Oh these were way to fun to make!

See that tiny pillow case....Love it!
and this was the front of the pillow that I showed last week.
Fun to put a zipper in it. I will do that again.

Here is a picture of the acrylic extension table my DH
 made for me. He is so talented! Fits perfectly.....

      and last I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Our day started early with all the family together.
 I was able to talk to mom and my long distance family a couple of times. Deliscious ham dinner, a little movie time "Elf" I forgot how cute that movie was. A very special day. Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Easy Street Monday Linkup

It's Monday and time to show some progress on the Mystery with Bonnie Hunter "Easy Street".

I was busy all weekend making some christmas gifts and finishing my Step 4 part of the Mystery.

got a little baking done too, though I leave most of that to the DH. He likes to bake.

First up a little Christmas gifting......

Some little thread catchers....

my Guild gift. Mug Rug, Pincushion, and Thread Catcher

and I learned how to put a zip closure in a pillow.
Can't show the front of this one....It's a secret!

and now to show a few of my Step 4 blocks. Lots of geese flying....and some green squares.

                              and I found a picture of my two sisters' progress on FaceBook....

one in purple teal green colors,
and one in gold, red , blue, colors...
They get together on most Fridays to sew.
This week they had my mom and niece supervising!

once again I will try and do the link up thing.......

Enjoy your week! /  Jeri


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lined Drawstring Bag Etc.

     Today I found myself with a little extra time on hand. No work for me due to low census. Guess I will sew a little.

First up I will try to make one of these lined drawstring bags. I bought the pattern a while back and am glad that I did. She had a free tutorial on her site, but the pattern gives me many sizes to choose from. Maybe I will try a patchwork body next. Anyway here is the site to get your own copy of the pattern. They work up quickly and are so cute.

I just love that red scissor fabric.
Perfect to wrap my items in
for my Quilt Guilds Holiday party!

Really a fun and easy pattern to make.

and then I finished pressing and trimming my Step 3 of Bonnie Hunters Mystery.....

OOOh see I have the same scissor fabric in white!
Step 3 beside steps 1 and 2 in the Bin!
Now maybe for a little green?
waiting patiently for the next step.....
I just popped over to Facebook and found  a picture
of my sisters Step 3 all done.....
Here is hers.
Maybe my other sister who is playing along
will send me a picture of her progress.
She is doing it in another color way and I know
she is out there lurking......
Will be fun to see them all in the finished stage.
Come on....don't you want to play along.....


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sewing with Friends

         Today a couple of my friends came over to sew. One to make a couple of embellished towels for gift giving.....

cute snowman embellished towels.
and another friend who has never sewn came to learn.
She did a good job. Good thing I have a couple of
sewing machines. They both got a good workout,
and so did the machines!
She was a little scared with how fast my Juki sews.
but she caught on and did a good job!
and then we went to the mall for a little lunch and to
"get out in the Holiday mayhem "
Nice day.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Easy Street Step 3

  I have the pieces all cut and started for the third step of the Mystery. Here is my progress so far. By the end of the day I should have all of the blocks finished and then will be set to wait patiently for step 4 on Friday.

I think I mentioned that two of my sisters are playing along too. Here is one sisters progress with step 3. Maybe next week they will both send me pictures so I can link up both of  their progress too.

Now to figure out how to link to Bonnies Linky thing.....

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finishing up for the year

    Found myself with an extra day off today,
so I thought I'd finish the last two Bee Blocks of the year.
These were both November blocks but I didn't get to them until today.

This one is for Harmony  Do.good Stitches....
I really have enjoyed this charity group this year.
I made some fun blocks and even was able to quilt one of the finished quilt tops quilt
This is a link to all the blocks I finished and sent to that group.

This fun little wordy blocks is for the Bee
Sew Bee Wonky
and here is a link to the blocks I made for that group.
It was fun to try some of these blocks too.
So now I look forward to what 2013 will bring.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The New Kinetics

Came across this picture of my sons' band performing on Sunday
and wanted to share.  Isn't that the cutest drummer! Proud mama....


Monday, December 3, 2012

The New Kinetics and Easy Street Part 2

   Over the weekend we traveled to San Diego to be at my sons' album release party. They had a show at the Casbah , a venue in downtown San Diego. The end of a long journey to produce this album..

This is the album cover......

Here is the band just about to go on.....
Fun quick trip to suprise my son!
and then today I worked on my Easy Street blocks.
I finished pressing the 4 patches,
203 Four Patches

All done and in the bin.....

I think I have 13 0f  192  128 finished of these flying geese.
I substituted Pink where Bonnie had Purple in the blocks.
I have a few more to finish before the next clue on Friday.
Maybe tomorrow.....