Thursday, December 22, 2016

And now we move on to clue number five.

      This week I was able to use one of my Go dies
    To cut out the clues for the Quiltville Mystery.
     It made short work of the cutting and is so darn accurate!

           Love that....

     These are my triangle in a square units.
     Chain piecing it!

     And I finished this quilt. 
          Well almost, I am binding it .

    Love the Sloths on the back, that Riley Blake, 
     Such cute stuff, and in flannel!

    And back in September I took a 
   Making Faces with Melissa Averinos.
   I am going to get one of my class projects
   Done before 2017.  Just the binding is left
   She contacted me to see if I might  Be interested 
    in being in a book she is writing!
                 How  Exciting. Heck yes sign me up!

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