Thursday, January 12, 2017

Snow and Stuff

Another Snowy day here in the Portland area. It is just so pretty.

I think it may stay for a while because
Today it is frosty cold again and we got
Quite a bit of snow yesterday.

I've been working on my Quiltville Mystery
Slow and steady. I am up to Step 7 and 
Have about half of those done.ttrimming.....

I have changed mine a little and have made
A few more 4patch in place of her solid yellow

This was my before. Too much yellow.

And this is where I went.
Much better I think. 
Anyway it's a process and
I think this will be a beautiful quilt!

Planning on taking my bits and pieces with me
To see my sisters tomorrow.

Hopefully my plane will make it up and down.

I do love the snow but it does make transportation a little challenging!