Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday

        So I have been having some issues with the picture storage for the blog, and I am finding that I am not alone. I hope I have it figured out. I guess you have to change the size of your picture you are posting and blah blah blah..... Anyway Hello Wednesday. Today I finished quilting a small quilt for a friend at work.

Love the yellow / blue combination
a close up of the panto / Popcorn
gives the quilt movement I think.
While at home last weekend I got my sisters into
doing a Mystery Quilt with me.
This is us working on their first weeks directions.
A Yellow four patch for one sister.
a Black and White and Grey combo for the other.
There are my four patches.....
We are following Bonnie Hunters Mystery
I have finished about half of the four patches
that I need, The other half are sewn and
waiting to be pressed. About 200 all total!
The next set of directions comes out on Friday.
I hope to be finished with the first step to go onto
the next....
and last but not least, I finished my sisters
Fall Quilt.
and and there you have this weeks finished
and in progress!




Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday Mayhem

    Did you venture out in the mayhem Friday? I went to a couple of .....fabric shops with my sister and her two grand daughters. She needed to buy a bu#*load of wonder under. At Hancocks the fleece was $2.99 a yard! I have decided to try putting fleece on my wonky rails quilt and so this was my golden opportunity.They had a set of 3 scissors that I just couldn't pass up.

 I also found the cutest basket at the Q Bee in Spokane and a few black and whites to go in the mystery quilt I am  starting.

The mug, scissor fob, and hand lotion were birthday gifts  from my sisters.
and I bought the basket with money my mom gifted me for my B'day.
My Thanksgiving was spent with family. Good times!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kindle Fire Case

       Of course the new Kindle needed a case, so........
I spent part of my Birthday making the new case.

 My sister made the cutest case for her new IPad at her retreat earlier this month. I brought home the magazine that she got the pattern from intending to size it down to make a kindle cover.....Low and behold at the end of the directions were measurements to scale it down to E reader size! This is the magazine.....

Love the wordy fabric on the inside.

Some of my favorite fabrics.

Makes me smile!  :)

Even used a little decorative stitch on the Bernina.

and I got this one all quilted, plan to bind it today,
 and bound today to take to my sister tomorrow .
Can you see the cute leaf pattern.
I didn't get a full on picture today, kinda of rainy,
and it gets  dark so early, but I'll try to get one before
 I give it to her.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fire Up!

    Happy Birthday to me today. My DH gifted me a Kindle Fire this morning and made me a deliscious breakfast. Now he is on to a lemony pie for later today!

    I have had my second edition Kindle for quite some time and use it all the time, so now I look forward to this new Kindle Fire. It has so many things going for it , not to mention it is after all an E Reader. Can't wait to "fire" it up! No pun intended.

I plan on sewing my day away......Look out sister your fall quilt may or may not be coming your way next week!

The time honored
"Yellow Brick Road" pattern
It looks good every time.

I've not used this panto yet.
Thought it would work well on this quilt.

love the 80/20 Hobbs with King Tut thread combo!

and no I am not playing the Christmas music yet! Pandora is still playing my eclectic mix.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sad Day for Twinkies and such....

Not so much the twinkie sadness, but what about the Ding Dongs.....

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What... November Already!

     Not much sewing going on around here.....I guess I just needed a little break, that and my Kindle has been entertaining me lately and my new camera needed to be returned because of a flaw in the flash. Lucky Costco has such a great return policy. I just returned the new old one and replaced it with an identical new new one.
      I did manage to get my November do.Good Stitches sewing done for the month. I say sewing because this month it wasn't a block that was requested , but a line of flying geese.

Maybe tomorrow I will tackle my other swap Block for the month.
Burr it's getting cold outside!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Are we there yet?

   Are we sick of it all yet? The TV commercials. The 4-5 information postcards in the mail each day?
I googled cost of the 2012 election and do you know what it said .....? Nearly 6 billion dollars! Yes it said BILLION! I will be so relieved to have tuesday come and go . I did my due diligence  and voted, not sure how it will count, but it's done.

   Can you just imagine if all the money for the national, was added to all the money spent on local election measures and persons running,and  then that amount was  used to with hurricane relief,  put food on someones' table, give a warm coat to someone who is cold, pay an elderly persons heat bill, give relief to someone who's insurance doesn't cover the medication they need......and on and on and on.

   I don't know....just sayin' , sorry guess I just needed to vent a little.

and I approve this message!    :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sewin' on a Rainy Day...

      I am in Spokane visiting my mom and sisters this weekend. Yesterday I had the opportunity to sew with 3 of my sisters while mom supervised. We all worked on a Quilts for Kids Charity quilt kit that my sister had received. Got the top all finished. Fun to get together with them to sew.

Here is where we start the engines.....

Clip and Sew and Cut and Sew...

Oh we also added borders to one of my sisters quilt top too!

The supervisor!

a finished Quilts for Kids top....
Today I continued the charity quilting making two blocks that will be put into a Red Cross quilt and raffled off for the Hurricane relief effort. Fun blocks to make for a fun cause.

I'll let you know a link so you can win this fun quilt for a good cause!