Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend with Friends

    This past weekend I spent with three of my best friends. You need a little time off like that every so often to regroup, rewind, refresh....and so on.

    We try to do this every so often, though not often enough. We spent the time at a beautiful log home along the little Deschutes river. Softly snowing at times. Sharing meals made by each other. Reading, relaxing, laughing, and just enjoying being away together.

   They even had a chance to learn a new skill. We bought yarn and needles and one friend ( NJ) taught another (ST)  to knit. SY began a new project with the crochet hook and chenille yarn. So soft , for her grandaughter.

                                                       and I brought a new project to sew...

"Scrappy Trips"

All in all a most enjoyable weekend.....

Monday, January 21, 2013

Red Cross Charity Quilt

A while back I made these quilt blocks.
They were to go into a charity quilt to help victims of
Hurricane Sandy.
I sent them off...  and today I saw a post
for the completed quilt.
Here is a picture of the completed quilt!
Isn't it awesome!

and here is the link to the post where you can buy a chance to win it,
                                              Who knows, you might just be the lucky winner!

Friday, January 18, 2013

The End of Another Week

For some reason this week has been a long one for me. I went right into two long days at work after being gone for a long weekend. Then off and I need to catch up on laundry, shopping, and cleaning. That doesn't leave much time for sewing now does it. So today after a few errands I plan to sew. Still am working on the Easy Street Mystery. All blocks have been sewn and now I am putting rows together.

Last weekend I was in Spokane for my sisters retirement party. We had such a nice time. My niece organized it and it was perfect. Good food , friends from her work , and friends from her quilt world, and family. Three of the four daughters who grew up next to us were able to come. Our moms had been through nurses training together, so we have been life-long friends.  I haven't seen them in 9 years. It was such a delight to be able to see them.

Sandi and I / Lifelong friends

Her  cake had a quilt on it!

mom and her girls

the Alley and the Lloyd girls and mom

mom even got up to say a few words.
and I enjoyed time with my mom and sisters. Even finished my last four blocks of Easy Street there.

Janet's corner block for Easy Street

Judy's A block for Easy Street

Stitching away.....

finishing my blocks for Easy Street

baby puppy trying out my sisters latest flimsie!

and now on to the weekend....and.......Back to work!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Easy Street Progress cont.....

Today I had an unexpected day off of work, so I made a few blocks for my Easy Street Quilt.

I have decided to go with a 3 by 4 grid.
A little smaller than Bonnie Hunter's  Mystery quilt.
It is just a better size for me.
I have 2 A blocks, and 2 side setting triangles left!

A little closer up.
So far....So good!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Easy Street Progress

Today is the Link-up day for Easy Street.....

So far I have made the following blocks.

This is about 1/3 of the quilt.
I am liking it so far...

Each block is 15" finished.
Many pieces in each one.
There is an A block, B block,
4 corner blocks, and
12 side triangle blocks.

Slow but steady progress.
This is the first quilt I have done with
so many pieces.....
and finally we are into the new year.
This is my January  do.Good Stitches  BOM
These are called "Low Volume" blocks.
Back to the sewing room.......