Friday, August 29, 2014

Pumpkin Seed Quilting

I finished a quilt for my sister in which I used the "Pumpkin Seed" design. I am slowly coming around to the front of my quilting machine to use rulers or just to freemotion. Anyway I had seen a beautifully quilted quilt at our Challenge reveal by Stephanie

   This was her challenge quilt
   Just love the quilting
    Way smaller than I quilted.

   And this is my sisters quilt.
  I used one of my circle templates.
  I think it was a 3 inch circle.

        A jelly roll quilt....

        Tried to get a close up
          Of the quilting.....

        And a little "leftover"
        strip of blocks 
       on the back. 
       Love this color palette .

    Fun to quilt. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Home for a visit

Having a nice time in Spokane this week. Visiting mom, and seeing my sisters. Lots of charity quilting happening. Sewing on a variety of vintage and not so vintage machines. Back home tomorrow. Enjoyed my time here. 

       A few of the finished
      Eye Spy charity quilts

    Love this Bernina!

      My sisters featherweight 
           Class project

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Buggy Barn Quilt Show

In Spokane this week visiting family. We took a drive out to Reardon to the Buggy Barn to see the quilt show. A beautiful day to see some beautiful quilts hanging.

            The Shop covered in quilts

        Inside the shop was overwhelming.

           Love the cows on that one.

          Love me some Houses!

         This Christmas quilt. Lots of applique.

          Scrappy one blowing in the wind.

       My sisters inspecting the quilts

       Loved the appliqué in the borders.

        The background for some hollyhocks 

       So many pieces!

     Loved the colors in this one.

    My sisters' Celtic Solstice.

       The barn was covered too!

    And another Celtic Solstice .

                   Lovely Day!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Washington County Museum

                     Celtic Solstice

This week some of my quilts were hung at the Washington County Museum as part of the Timeless Stitches exhibit.

I am a member of the Westside Quilters Guild and they have had a rotating display of quilts at the museum this summer .

               My split Nine Patch
              Next to my SpiderWeb

                Modern Crusade and 
               Wonky Friendship Stars

                      Easy Street

          Granny Squares , Cool Warm,
                    and Mini Swoon

How fun to have these up in lights!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Initially Yours Challenge

     monday night at the West Side Quilters Guild meeting the challenge for 2014 was revealed. There were 20 quilts revealed. What a great showing. Our challenge was to make a small quilt using our initials. I had such a hard time coming up with my quilt. Actually the quilt was easy as I had started another challenge quilt with Riiley Blake fabrics and missed the deadline for that one, so I finished it for this challenge instead. Here are the quilts.......

                So many different quilts!

            Each with their own personality

        And each with a story told

                Love the artistic expression

Oh man I love this quilting

        Creativity at its finest

     Words with meaning

       Some with dimension

      This is mine. Can you guess what
      I said with my initials?

      No, not Jeri's Baskets.....

      Love this show and tell quilt of Barbara's'

        And this Lazy Sunday by Stephanie.

   Sorry got a little off track.....

           Here is the back of my Initially Yours


Monday, August 11, 2014

Lovely Weekend.

What a nice weekend we had. The weather was beautiful. We took our travel trailer over to the Sisters area and had a little get away.

Got a little fishing in on the Crooked River.....

Got a little stitchin' done while watching the fishing world go by.....

Met some new friends......

and of course spent a little time in the Stitchin' Post. A different place after the flurry of the Quilt Show has passed. 

A little stash enhancement

A little of this!

And a little of that!

and for next years Quilt Show I booked a reservation at a local RV park to spend the week!


Monday, August 4, 2014

July into August

Dear Bee Buddies, 
Last months blocks are a little late :/  Sorry. July was a little busy. I am now caught up and your blocks are in the mail.

Some wonky trees for 
Sew Bee Wonky

And some black and white string blocks for,
Harmony / do Good Stitches.

And I made this hair vine for a friends wedding.

Okay now it can be August. Whew.....