Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend with Melissa Averinos

I'm What an awesome weekend I just had. Portland Modern Quilt Guild (PMQG )hosted the amazing Melissa Averinos. She gave a talk at the meeting on Thursday then has a Making Cat Faces class on Friday, followed by a two day Making Faces class. She has such an amazing story and her work is so inspiring. I was able to spend the whole weekend with her and am so glad I did.

Here is Melissa giving her talk at our guild meeting.

    Here are the two cats I made on Friday....
          See much fun!

    These are the pieces made by the entire class.

And then on to Saturday and Sunday 

    These are Melissa's pieces before we start class.

    She taught us face drawing from the ground up.
    Starting with a basic circle. To turn that into some pretty amazing pieces.

   One of mine from the first day.

    This guy has some oxygenation issues with the blue lips!

     Adding a little character. 

  This was a little mug rug I made 
   and gifted to Melissa to 
    Say thank you!

    Day two....

    These were my pieces for day two.

 And these were at the end of our class. Pieces made by my fellow classmates!

Truly a weekend to remember. And if you ever get the chance to hear Melissa or 
Better yet take a class from her....




Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Crater Lake

Guess I needed a little break from the blog. Its fun to go back and look at some of m posts. They job my memory about where I was, what I was doing. Any way.......

Last weekend we went camping near Crater Lake. We had never really explored this area of Oregon, so we discovered there is a lot to be seen. So many waterfalls and beautiful parts of the Rogue River to be discovered. The weather was beautiful.. We also drove around the rim of Crater Lake. Such beauty all over that area. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sisters Quilt Show 2016

I enjoyed a long weekend in Sisters Oregon camping beside a good friend of mine. This is the second time we have camped together during Quilt Show week. Last year we weren't next door like we were this year. It was fun this way and we have already reserved our spots for next year. There was sewing in the great outdoors on a cool rainy day. My sister and a friend joined us.....

    Sewing the day away.....

    Projects to be made....

   Front of my new zip pouch.
   Splendid Sampler pattern by Charise Creates.

   And the back!

   Sewing in the rain!🎵

   Shared projects.

    New trash cans for us.

    A Quilt Show to see......

   Iconic side of the Stitchin' Post pic.

   So many beautiful quilts.

   I spied one by @thehauntedchicken

   My entry in the PMQG Exhibit.

    This one was intriguing...

     A close up.


   Met a new friend...@metamarama

There was shop hopping, with lots of treasures to be found....

    Can't wait til next year!

   And a finished Tumalo Trails by Bonnie Hunter

    next finish a quilt for Pulse...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Love Hate Relationship

I love pieced backs for quilts. They add so much character and are so fun to look at. But the making of them.....well let's just say it is quite time consuming and a little math challenging. I have had my Tumalo Trails quilt top done for quite a long time. This week it was time to construct the back and start quilting it! Needless to say it took a bit of time. I am happy to say I pulled all the pieces from my stash" I think the date on one of the salvages was from 2009 , and I know one of them is at earlier than that. Felt good to clear out those three yellow pieces from the stash. 

      Right now it's on the frame. I started quilting it yesterday. 
      I'll post a picture when I get to the binding stage. 

I did finish these two quilts for my nephews.
I have just a wee bit of hand stitching left one one of the bindings. 
They will be gifted over the fourth.

    Scrappy Trips

    A little green flannel on the back

    And postage stamps from 
my 2 1/2 inch bin.

   A little Churn Dash added for interest!

   And grey flannel on the back.

   Check,check off the bucket list!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Last weekend I went camping with a good friend. Even though the weather was rainy we had a great time. She has the cutest Shasta trailer. We enjoyed being out, even sewing in the outdoors!

       The rain didn't stop us from sewing outside.
       See that cute trailer, love it!

      I worked on a few paperpieced houses.

      And we each made a cute bucket bag.

      Home now working on some cute blocks
      From the Splendid Sampler.

     And making hearts for some 
         quilts for Orlando.