Friday, August 30, 2013

August BOM's

End of another month and time to send out my Blocks of the Month for
Harmony/do Good Stitches
 and for Sew Bee Wonky.
 These are my two monthly block swaps through flickr
Wonky Churn Dash
for Harmony/do Good Stitches

and some made fabric blocks for
Sew Bee Wonky
These are my favorite blocks to sew up.
Mindless sewing....
but the two tubs of scrappies never seem to shrunk!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Buggy Barn Quilt Show

Today I was able to go out to the quilt show at the buggy barn with my sister and one of her quilt buddies, and the buddies neighbor. What a beautiful day out in the country. We saw many beautiful quilts. The Barn Chicks were busy in the shop. They have just recently added some space in the shop. Captured a few pics of the day. Sorry this blog post is picture heavy......

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Demolition has begun

Today it begins. I am in Spokane and so am missing the demolition. The husband will keep me updated. Today we look like 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sew Bazaar

     Our Guild is getting ready for a fall quilt show. As part of that show we will have a Bazaar table set up to sell a few goods made by members. I have been busy sewing....
.Gives me a chance to try a pattern and use up some of the stash at the same time.

Cute containers, a few bags. salavage sewing kits,
card wallerts, and a cute potato chip bag.
 on the right in the back

a couple of totes and a few zip pouches.

and two baby quilts made by my sister and
finished by me.

owls are so cute!

frogs on this one...

So many fun fabrics out there now.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Next week it's demolition around here.
Our front yard is getting a complete

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Such Cute Fabric

Look at these fabrics....

I found them last weekend at Boersma's in McMinnville. I just had to have them and they just happened to have fat quarters all cut and ready. Now I'm not sure what they will be used for but they were so cute I just had to have them. Then I always think maybe I should have purchased half yard cuts or more just in case.

 Nope these will have to be enough!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Go Baby

  Last weekend I was in JoAnn's to pick up something with my 70% off notion coupon to buy something I just "had to have" and noticed this......................

All Accuquilt stuff was 40% off! I have been contemplating getting one of these but then wondered would I use it? I don't think they go on sale very often. The selection of templates was limited but I did find one that had several pieces that I probably will use.  Not so sure if I will use it all the time, but the one I got will cut 2 1/2 squares and half square triangles. I cut out several half square triangles and sewed them together. They do make a perfect 2 1/2 inch half square triangle. I will probably use this quite a bit for my scrap quilting. Now to get a few more templates.....Maybe the 2 1/2 inch strip cutter.....