Friday, May 29, 2015

A Maiden Voyage

Last week weekend we ventured out with our new 5th wheel in tow!  Just a short drive across the Oregon side of the Columbia Gorge to the TriCities in Washington. Had a nice visit with my sister and spent Saturday in the beautiful Yakima Valley to check out a few wineries. A great venture it was.

      All hitched and ready to go!

              A nice RV park 
just a few minutes from my sister. 

      And A nice little spot to sit...

        The first stop on the tour
      Chandler Reach

What? Me with a taste of the red?
My tastes are changing....

Look at this day! 
Sunshiny , and what a view.

       14 Hands

   The taste pourer took our pic!

   Had to stop and taste the local Beer

  I had water this round!

    Our last stop. 
   Thrusten Wolfe

   And their Mascot!

   What a nice weekend. 
   We will be back to explore
   More vineyards along the 
   Yakima River!

   I sent this one off to my DIL 
   Yesterday. She put the top 
   Together while we were 
   Visiting earlier this month, and
   I brought it home to finish. It's 
   A gift for some special people
   Celebrating a first anniversary. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spiral Quilting

Today I dug out this UFO.....

I have been wanting to try my hand at Spiral Quilting.

Kinda tricky. The key is to start slow with small stitches to lock them. 

And then lengthen the stitches as you go out.

I drew a little beginning spiral and then went around and around using about a half inch spacing.

Good thing this quilt is only 36 inches square. 

It took quite a while....

Tonight , the binding.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Sew "Ezi"

I have seen these tables in classes that I have attended and have often thought about getting one. Not only to take to sewing classes or retreats but also to have on the road in our RV. I recently retired from one job and was gifted a nice cash card and so decided to put it to good use. Here is my Bernie on it all ready to sew. This is a nice stout table. Weighs 25 lbs so is portable. It will be nice to have the machine at a comfortable height to sew. I may have to get another insert to fit the Featherweight!