Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Contemporary Furnishings Quilt / Tufted Tweets

Last week I made a trip to San Diego and delivered this quilt to my son and daughter in law.

When I saw the tufted tweets line of fabric I knew I had to make a quilt out of it for my son. He is an artist and he makes furniture. He has made several chairs along the way and the chairs in this line of fabric just fit. They also like "Retro" which is what this fabric is all about.

I even had the chance to take a picture of  it in  beautiful Balboa Park......

Love the back too!

We had a great trip.
 My mom, sister, and daughter were able to come for part of the week.

What a beautiful day in Balboa Park.....

Here we are at Ocean Beach. See the surfers.......

Backyard barbecue time!

A chance to see Jons' studio and his current project.

Out to dinner at a favorite spot.

Dining outside because the weather was sooooo nice!

and my husband was able to come down to spend the weekend.
Here he is helping Jon with his latest project.

Norman and JuneBug enjoying the view......

We had a great trip. It was over much too soon as always. And now back home......



  1. Great pictures! I love the quilt :)

  2. Love that quilt! I still haven't figured out what to do with my lovely Tufted Tweets. I just look at them and pet them from time to time waiting for inspiration to strike.