Friday, September 10, 2010

Bias Bars

Today I am working on part of a Quilt Along project. This next part calls for an appliqued piece. I haven't done any applique in a while, so this should be fun. So far this is where I am.....

That large piece in the center is where my applique will go.To make stems in an applique piece you typically use a bias strip because it is flexible and can curve. The quilt along called for a 1/2" bias tube maker made by Clover. Instead of going out and buying another notion, I decided to use what I had. I have these metal bias bars that I bought many years ago and have only used once or twice. I also have a plastic version, but I like these. They work well and are easy to use....


This set includes a 1/2" one which is what I needed. The directions are simple.

First you cut your fabric at a 45* angle to start hour strips.

Use the 45* marking on your ruler and line it up with the straight edge of the fabric, then cut along the straight edge. This makes a nice bias cut to make your strips out of.

In order to make my bias tubes 1/2" I cut the strips at 1 3/8". You then sew these strips right sides together with a 1/8" seam. Place the bars inside the strips and press the seam open down the center of the strip. Carefully move the bar up the strip as needed until you get to the end of the tube. Be careful cause these babies get hot! I like to use steam in my iron as well.

This only took me about 20 minutes and I have more than enough bias strips to make my applique stems.

More on this project later.......I have to finish quilting my sisters' quilts......Jeri

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