Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sewing on a Sunday.......

        We still have a little snow left in the front yard from our "blizzard" this last week. I am enjoying a quiet Sunday at home with my sewing machine and Pandora tunes playing. I love that pandora, it streams music that I like with limited commercials. I got an IPOD touch for christmas and have it on my sewing table docked in a small speaker system.
................and so Today I find myself at home. It is quiet at work and so I am home on call. I am working on a my sliced coins quilt . I decided to quilt each "coin" in a different way to practice my freemotion. I must say it is a great way to practice, practice, practice...Here is a picture of what I am doing. I guess it is now half finished!

                                                            and here is another shot



  1. What a great idea to quilt each one differently to get the practice!! I need to practice free motion quilting too, maybe I'll make up a mini coin quilt, or something similar, just for the excuse to do different quilting.

  2. Ohhhh this is lovely. I love seeing some of the same fabrics I have in my own stash in a great project. I might have to break some of my oranges out with gray. Great job.