Friday, May 20, 2011

Happiness is.......

For me happiness is making things. Especially for other people. I have a shower to go to today and so I made a quilt and a basket of other baby essentials. Some new items for me and some tried and true.

Here is the basket. Lovin' the chenille.  I have made this basket before. It is a tutorial by the fabulous "Pink Penguin".

These are the contents of the basket. Bibs and Burps which I have made before and are appreciated by the new mama and I tried something new..........

This is a crinkley sounding taggie toy. It measures about 12 inches and I put mylar sheets inside to give it a good crinkley sound when you move it. Turned out okay, but sewing through that mylar was a bear!

And this is the whirley gig quilt finished. My fourth quilt on the new gammill.

another view. It is a sunny day here and so I got some shots outdoors.

The back is a flannel dot. I love to put  flannel on the back of baby quilts. Makes them so soft and warm.
and now to get back to my sewing room........ Jeri

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