Friday, September 9, 2011


    September is here already. I heard the kids go off to school earlier this week. They were all dressed in their new school clothes and new backpacks filled with supplies.....I have several teacher friends/family who probably were not as excited to have summer be over, but it is what it is. Fall is here, we have been having 90/95 degree weather here however, so it makes it hard to believe that the summer is really over. The sun seems to be setting a little earlier, so 8PM is kinda dark out on the deck.

     I am getting ready to teach an invisible machine applique class for my Quilt Guild in a few weeks. These are my samples so far.

I have been working with this thread and have been told poly is better than nylon monofil because of melting issues with the iron. I kinda like this poly. After a trial and error period of putting it sideways or upright in my spool holder, I have discovered you get less backlash/breakage when you put it upright on your spool holder. I have seen those funky nets you put over slick thread to make less of  mess, because let me tell you this is one slick thread and it can get all tangley messy at times.

The thread seems to sew better like this.....

......and on the longarm right now I have this quilt.  Love this "Central Park" fabric line. I am making this quilt for a friend who is a new grandma...This is one that she can have at her house, for when she gets to have the new little one there.

This is the panto I'm using.

So there you go. Fall is here, sun is shining, I can sew the day away, and Gary is my little helper......Jeri

Good Boy!

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