Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I had a short visit with a couple of my sisters.  They drove down to have a little getaway. Bonnie Hunter was in Portland this week to teach and I was fortunate enough to get into her Smith Mountain Morning class. The sisters went with me to Bonnie's trunk show on Monday evening. What a wonderful speaker she is and her quilts in person were beautiful!

            Here she is signing my book.

    Showing some of her beautiful quilts.

     Tumalo Trails is one on 
         the bucket list.

This is Pineapple Crazies . So amazing to see it in person.
I have started this quilt. I think I have 8 blocks made and only
40 gazillion more to make! It's not a race.....right!

And then the next day......
Smith Mountain Morning

I started my "morning " at a nearby bakery,
With a cup of Earl Grey!

     Here I am set up and all ready to play!

       Quiltzilla came to play too!
        There is a story there....

          Selfie with Miss Bonnie!

        She demoed , and there were quite a few
        Vintage machines among my fellow classmates.

     My first block is coming together.

And then there were two!

    Fun to see a lot of variety in our colors.

         And again a pic with Bonnie. My blocks are behind us.

    We had a delicious lunch and I had quit a few comments
    About the lemon bars that I took. And a request for my's a secret recipe!  Don't tell.


      A little collage of our day. It is one that I
      Will cherish for sure!  Until next time Bonnie......

This is a nice picture of Jan and I with our Celtic Solstice Quilts.


  1. What an awesome day that looked like! Nothing like a Bonnie class--too much fun. I have made my own SMM in Bonnie's colors, but I love them in the Christmas colors too. This quilt is a beauty...cannot wait to see yours come together! Great photos with Bonnie too!

  2. Aw, what a great post! I'm so happy for you...

  3. Thank you for sharing your day with Bonnie with us what a great experience!! Love your colors for Smith Mountain Morning can't wait to see it come together. Love your Celtic Solstice :-)