Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Precious Find

I came across a box up in my fabric closet today. Inside was a quilt my mother in law had started before she got sick. I can remember her talking about and gathering fabric for this quilt. It was to go on her bed. I found a receipt from Fabricland that had the year 1989 on it. I found two large pieces that only needed to be put together to make a nice size quilt that will be perfect on our bed in our new to us camper. What a pleasant surprise! My husband will be delighted with my find!


  1. Jari, what a nice surprise! I still have 10 or so quilts to finish from my mom, but I found a few pillows she started and finished them up for my nieces last month. ~~ happiness all around!

  2. What a wonderful find (and a lovely quilt!). I'm sure your husband will be happy to see it!

  3. Wow it is really beautiful, what a great find !