Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday Link Up

Yesterday I spent the morning sewing on the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt. She had quilt cam up and so we sewed together. Fun to stitch and listen to her conversation. I managed to finish this weeks clue. I now have Clues 1,4, and 5 finished. Today I will have a little time to work on Clue number 3.


  1. Great progress. I saw an email about quiltcam and assumed it was in the evening. Still, I was able to watch the YouTube video later.

  2. Your fabrics look really neat! Just finished up Clue #5 myself and STILL need to get to #4 - haven't done a thing on that one yet. But, we still have a couple more days soooo, time to get back to it!

    Happy Quilting!