Friday, May 29, 2015

A Maiden Voyage

Last week weekend we ventured out with our new 5th wheel in tow!  Just a short drive across the Oregon side of the Columbia Gorge to the TriCities in Washington. Had a nice visit with my sister and spent Saturday in the beautiful Yakima Valley to check out a few wineries. A great venture it was.

      All hitched and ready to go!

              A nice RV park 
just a few minutes from my sister. 

      And A nice little spot to sit...

        The first stop on the tour
      Chandler Reach

What? Me with a taste of the red?
My tastes are changing....

Look at this day! 
Sunshiny , and what a view.

       14 Hands

   The taste pourer took our pic!

   Had to stop and taste the local Beer

  I had water this round!

    Our last stop. 
   Thrusten Wolfe

   And their Mascot!

   What a nice weekend. 
   We will be back to explore
   More vineyards along the 
   Yakima River!

   I sent this one off to my DIL 
   Yesterday. She put the top 
   Together while we were 
   Visiting earlier this month, and
   I brought it home to finish. It's 
   A gift for some special people
   Celebrating a first anniversary. 

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