Sunday, August 30, 2015

Goody Goody

In Spokane with my sisters this weekend. Yesterday the air was full of smoke . Very hazey. Emergency warnings going off on the phone to warn of dust wind and smoke for poor visibility . The clouds came over yesterday but the small amount of rainfall was pitiful. Today the rain is a welcome sight. My sisters teacher friend needs to be ready to evacuate but also ready to start school this week if that should happen. Maybe no true relief from these fires til the snowfall.

After a trip to the quilt store we are sewing some too. I have had my eye on these binding kits for a while now. Time to sew some up!

These are the three we made....

And some charity quilting going on too!

A cute baby quilt ready to go where the need is.

My flight was cancelled and so I have a few extra hours with my sisters.☺️

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