Monday, January 18, 2016

Midway Through The Month!

Ahhhh January. Where have you gone? So many plans. 

Over the weekend I got ruthless and cleaned out some of the clutter in my sewing room. We have a sale every March in our Guild. Tonight is our meeting and I wanted to take a load of stuff with me to give to the garage sale Extravaganza! Felt so good to get rid of fabric and half done projects that I will never finish. I even put my old serger in there. I was gifted a newer fancier one and will never use the old one, so out the door it went. I also had a load to take to the Resale drop off. Oh yes and there was a bit of trash too.

      Ready to load up the car.

     I started this by making a list of UFOS that I hope to get to this year. And in looking through my half done blocks and bits I must have cleared out 10 or more projects. I saw a date on one them that was 2002! For sure it was time to let it go. My UFO list has 14 projects on it. A little more than one a month. Doable....right?

This is my leader Ender for the start of this year.

Scrappy postage stamp.

And I had time to put one border on my Allietare mystery quilt of Bonnie Hunter.

I am really liking this quilt! And I didn't purchase any fabric for it.
All from the stash, some deep and some not so deep! Love that.

My goal is to get the top done and then put it away til my Tumalo Trails, and Grand Illusion quilts are quilted. Then I will have a binding fest!

It's good to have goals....we will see.


  1. My thoughts exactly about UFO's. I only came up with 1 bag for the quild sale but may find more over this month. I have more than 14 but some may be donated/ given away was able to cross 3 off the list. I have to say I love your "Alleitare". Sew on Jeri I know you can do it !!!

    1. feels so good to clean out some of that stuff. I was ruthless!

  2. This photo doesn't do your Allietare quilt justice. It is much more vibrant!

    1. Never looks quite the same. Thankyou!