Monday, March 1, 2010


Ah..... nice to have a day off after the weekend out of town. I had the most awesome pleasure of attending my sons Gallery opening for his  Advancement toward his MFA. I am quite the proud mama and love my son so much. It was quite a bit of work leading up to the opening. I am so glad Floyd and I were involved in that process, gave us a different perspective on the whole process. Was a pleasure meeting Jon and Kristens' group of friends as well. And now to share a few pictures.

This piece required a little tweaking.

Framing some prints.

Completed and working.

A few of his prints and pieces.

Good luck on Tuesday Jon. You are amazing. You make me proud.


And so I had a little time today to sew. Working on this right now. Left over scraps from my daughters quilt. Some of Amy Butlers original fabric line I think. Gypsy Caravan \ not sure how I will set the blocks  yet.

And so that's what I am working on today. Kind of nice to have the day off after such a great weekend in San Diego.

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  1. Nothing better to bind a mom and son....than creative bonding! What fun!
    oh, love your blocks!!