Friday, May 28, 2010

Charity Quilting

Today I am finishing up the binding on the quilt that I made for Quilts for Kids. This was a fun project and very easy. I think once I send this back they automatically send another one. I will definitely make more of these. Kind of fun to work with new fabric and sew for a cause. This is the nearly completed quilt.

This is a great way to practice free-motion quilting.....

Does thread choice really make a difference....? You bet it does. I was a big fan of this thread and it has been my go-to brand for many years. I love it for piecing and also for machine quilting. It comes on large spools that seem to last forever. It is getting a little hard to come by lately however, probably due to the price. I think it is about $9 a spool.

It's been a good friend.......

When I recently taught a class on quilting, the shop owner gave me a spool of thread to try. It was the same weight (50) as my Aurifil. The brand name was Robison Anton. I tried it on a few sample blocks just to look at the tension and how it went through my maching. My Bernina seemed to sew quite nicely with it. Last week at JoAnn I noticed they sold the same thread in their Viking sewing machine shop, and of course it was a "buy 2 get one" opportunity. I picked up several spools and tried them on both the piecing and the quilting of the charity quilt. I think I may have found a good substitute for my cherished Aurifil , and I am told it comes in economical MEGA cones. Very economical.......

My new find.......

So funny to go on about thread, but if you sew much you know how important our notions are to us!

Enjoy your day.......Jeri


  1. Such a pretty quilt...I am looking forward to some summer sewing...I have about a billion projects-to-finish, but I am looking forward to a mystery quilt :)

  2. I'd still like to know why they are called "notions"

  3. I've got a bernina too, so thanks for the tip! and way to go completing your quilts for kids quilt!