Monday, May 31, 2010

Summertime Mystery Challenge..........

It's summer , well almost. Tomorrow it will be June. I have decided to post a mystery quilt challenge for whoever might be interested......Are you interested? This will be a short project and finishes to be a lap size quilt. The Mystery will be revealed as you finish the blocks. For the challenge...... I challenge you to pull from your stash only (at least for the blocks) You may need to buy for the backing and borders, but try to use your stash if possible. For those who may not have much stash  (Yah... right!) I will give yardage requirements too. I plan on posting every one or two weeks, depending on work and life in general. Come on and join me....... Let's bust that stash !    Jeri


  1. Jeri,
    I love mysteries, so count me in.

  2. I'm in but I have a seriously small stash...however I know people with very large tubs o'fabric (is it cheating if I use my mom or Janet?)

  3. Yes Jen, you can "borrow". Janet I am using the bag o stash you gave me! :)