Sunday, January 9, 2011

Birdie Stitches BOM

Finished the first BOM block for 2011.....

I just love the "Bliss" line of fabric. I ordered my backing and binding as well , so next year when the blocks are all done I will have them. :->  Now to figure out how to minimize the wrinkles. I have already tried the STS method / aka Steam The S**t out of it! I also like the fact that you make your blocks ahead of time so that when we are finished with all the embroidery our blocks will be ready to put together.   Jeri


  1. hahaha..I like STS. I've also heard it called PISS (press into steamy submission). These blocks are so cute, I may have to adopt ANOTHER new project this year.

  2. These are cute...I know my mom's doing this BOM too :)

  3. I also am collecting the needs of this BOM and will start it after the snowman quilt goes to the quilter next week. Will use the sunkissed fab. lie and am very excited. As for the embroidery , did you back your 8.5 square with lightweight fusable interfacing? Really works and hides all the thread. Also I spray the crap out of the blok fabric with Niagra spray starch before I even draw the picture ore iron on the interfacing. So interace, cut, spary, iron, draw and embroider. Then assemble the block and wait for next month