Thursday, January 20, 2011

Unexpected day off.....

Today I find myself with an unexpected day off....what to do....what to do.... I guess my sewing room is calling! Lately I have been obcessed crazy drooling over several Quilt Alongs out in webland. One in particular is hosted by the Old Red Barn Co.
They are making a Ticker Tape Quilt. similiar to this  Wow/ love that.

Well anyway today I will tackle my own Ticker Tape. I plan to make a sewing machine cover out of it.

Here I am adding the patches to the quilt sandwich. I decided to pin them in place instead of using fabric glue like the quilt along suggested. I am so happy I had a walking foot and a knee lift for my machine. It made this process much easier.

This is the finished piece prior to adding the binding and ties. I used from my scraps left over from my Bricks quilt. I even had leftover binding to use. I just love this line of fabric ...Hope Valley  :)

and this is the finished product. I even tried to do my binding totally by machine for the first time. Lots of new things to try with this project. It's good to try them out on small projects like this.

TA DA...This is my machine saying thankyou....  :)   JERI


  1. What a really fun idea!! And using a tape measure for the ties....clever!!

  2. Lovely! I have bits of Hope Valley left over as I just can't throw them away. So glad about that now as I am gonna copy you and make a twin cover! Thanks for the inspiration!