Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finished Sliced Coins Quilt

       Sorry I guess I have been AWOL lately. Life and stuff.....a nice trip to Las Vegas for a late anniversary trip. Nice to have a little time away with my man.... 
So today I post about a project in the works for a while. In January I participated in a QAL led by Dont Call Me Betsy. The Sliced Coins QAL and today it is finished  Label and all. This one I made for my son who rides a vintage vespa which he has painted a bright neon orange. I actually found fabric with orange and pink vespas on it! Go figure. Anyway I used it to make the sliced coin quilt. I quilted each coin differently to practice my FMQing. It was a great way to practice, practice, practice. Now to get it packaged up and sent off..... to San Diego.
I love adding unique labels to my quilts.... :)

I actually had a break in rain showers to take a picture outside. We are having record rainfall here in Oregon and so that is a miracle in itself. Oh for just a little sunshine................It does make it nice and green here. One good thing I suppose.

I have a few projects in my que.................

Pocket protectors for my daughters coworkers.

March's Birdie Stitches BOM

A baby quilt for a coworker.

A Quilt for Kids charity project.

I guess I better get sewing............/Jeri

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  1. Love your sliced coins quilt.. I should so get back to mine! And all of your projects are great.