Saturday, April 23, 2011

Learning Curve

Okay so now I have started my third go at quilting on my new machine. Time to try a pantograph. First mistake...............simply loading a bobbin.

Bobbin winding gone wild! or.....

One hot mess!

Well at least I am getting the quilt loading onto the frame.

This one is called Popcorn.

Back on track again and .....oops my third line of quilting is running into my second.....I am not enjoying the ripping out of threads as I didn't realize it right away and woah before you know it you have a lot of thread to rip out. Oh well this quilt is for charity. Not sure that is a charitable thing to say but,we all start somewhere. For a good cause right! Whatever.

on a more positive note I did finish this cute bibs n burps set for a friend at work.



  1. I want to laugh...but it's so not funny!!!
    It does get better...! cute bibs!!

  2. I do feel a certain room for error when I'm making something for someone who doesn't sew. You know they wont scrutinise it too closely and will love it for what it is. And I guess in the long run, that's what it's really about, the fact that you went to the trouble to make something at all, not necessarily how perfect it is!

  3. Hey! I've seen bobbins like that before.