Monday, October 17, 2011


Finishing up a quilt today for my sister. Halloween is just around the corner. Hope she has time to get it bound, if not.....2012!

Hot off the presses.............

A look at the whole quilt.


another closeup.....

The Quilt Expo over the last week was amazing, took some awesome classes, great vendors, learned so much. Kind of overload.....I was able to apply a few of the factoids I learned to this Halloween quilt. I had it halfway finished before and so the last part was much easier to do because of the classes I took.
some amazing quilts at the Expo.

works of art.

This one won the top award.

That teabag has itty bitty cross stitching on it.

Such inspiration.

This one looked like a painting.

Good Times, Jeri

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