Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shop Hoppin' in San Diego

      Yesterday I decided to shop hop the quilt shops around San Diego.
 I had been to Rosies yesterday so today I would explore some new to me shops.
 With GPS in hand I set off for my day of adventure.

This was my first stop.
The Country Loft in La Mesa

What a fun little shop.

A primitive inspired shop.
There was a group of ladies stitching away the the classroom.

They had a building in the back with antiques.
I love the old quilts displayed in there.

Well loved and worn.

See those little prairie points. I loved this basket one.

Next on my stop was  Cozy Quilt Shop.
It's in El Cajon.

They are the home of the
Strip Tube Ruler.
of course I had to buy the ruler. I hope it will come in handy
with all the 2 1/2 " strips that I am accumulating!

One more stop before lunch....
Memory Lane Quilt Shop
It's in El Cajon too.

They have quite a few of their own
" scrap friendly " patterns.  

I am seeing a lot of Batiks in So Cal........

Here is one of their scrap friendly quilt patterns.
I liked the setting on this simple block.

Lunch time.....

This was one choice....
When in So Cal.......
Love those chilidogs!

but I opted for this choice....
Let's see what all the hype is about!
Their drive thru line was ridiculously long.
I opted to go in.

Wow what an experience!
A very busy place.
"Quality You Can Taste"

Not a bad burger.
The fries....not so much.

Okay back on the road.......

This was my last stop on the hop.
It was a ways out in Poway.
Kind of hard to find.
It was set back into an area of businesses.
Not really in a retail spot.

There were ladies sewing in the classroom here too.
I just love that.
I enjoyed their converstions and sharing.
Quilters are such friendly spirits.

and this was my take for the day.
Patterns, notions, and fabric.....
Such a lovely day. Loved exploring all the new places.


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  1. what a fun trip! I would love to visit the Country that primitive feel!