Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birdie Stitches

     Sitting here this morning just listening to the quiet........I am back from San Diego and have worked the last two days. Today I have the day off and am spending the morning catching up on my Emails and blogs that I read. I feel bad that I don't blog as frequently as some of those that I follow but then again there are no rules in blogging. This is my space, my time, I get to set my own rules. Today I have time to sit a spell and blog, tomorrow maybe not. Okay enough said......
     I am wanting to get back to some quilting on my gammill. I have quite a few flimsies in the que! My sisters just gave me a couple of theirs to quilt and I still have a couple of baby charity quilts to finish. Choices....where do I start. I think it will be with my sisters Birdie Stitches BOM quilt. It has been hanging on the design wall and I finally have a plan for the quilting of it. Yep that is where I will start. Here is a picture. Didn't it turn out cute.....?

She gave me some yummy King Tut thread in grey to quilt with.

This is one of my favorite blocks....

         But first I need to dust off the machine and get her all oiled and ready. Better get off the computer and get started.        Later / Jeri

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