Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Factory Tour

I am in San Diego this week visiting son and DIL. My son is half musician / half artist!  :)  Taylor Guitar's factory is in the area and today my son, husband , and I took a tour.
Now, I use to play guitar in my high school days and still have the old acoustic guitar from back then. Touring the factory gives me a new insight into how guitars are made now , and how they were made back then. Amazing to see all the machinery, but kind of sad to know that less and less hand work goes into the making of a guitar. I am sure this is true of a lot of instruments and woodworking in general.

They are located in El Cajon in a small industrial park.

If you ever get the opportunity to tour this or another
instrument factory, do it . Well worth the time.

Hundreds of guitar backs just waiting to be made into instruments.

Each room had different machinery
and was responsible
 for each phase
of the manufacturing.

Guitar bodies waiting to be finished.

Such beautiful pieces of wood.

Many hands to turn out the finished product.

One more step in the process.

Adding the tiny layer between top , sides, and bottom.

Some finished products.

and yes even electric ones in a rainbow of colors.

The tourist!
What a fun tour. Learned a lot and enjoyed our tour!

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