Monday, January 7, 2013

Easy Street Progress

Today is the Link-up day for Easy Street.....

So far I have made the following blocks.

This is about 1/3 of the quilt.
I am liking it so far...

Each block is 15" finished.
Many pieces in each one.
There is an A block, B block,
4 corner blocks, and
12 side triangle blocks.

Slow but steady progress.
This is the first quilt I have done with
so many pieces.....
and finally we are into the new year.
This is my January  do.Good Stitches  BOM
These are called "Low Volume" blocks.
Back to the sewing room.......


  1. I love the softer greens you have used and the co-ordinating corals - it looks lovely.

  2. Easy Street seems like an oxymoron in this case :) The quilt is beautiful though!

  3. Beautiful colors and progress! I've so enjoyed this mystery and also have never made anything with this many pieces haha! But it was Easy week by week instructions to follow along and in return, we will have Gorgeous quilts!

    Dee in Arizona

  4. Your color choices are so wonderful!!

  5. I love your colors- nice coral spots in there :)

  6. Great colors--I love the turquoise color you used - brightens it up a bit. And your low volume blocks are wonderful. How will they go together? I need to make a neutral quilt for one of my mom's friend and need a good pattern.

  7. Your Easy Street is stunning. I love the colours you used. I'd like to make a low volume quilt one day. I find it hard not to use colour though LOL.