Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend with Friends

    This past weekend I spent with three of my best friends. You need a little time off like that every so often to regroup, rewind, refresh....and so on.

    We try to do this every so often, though not often enough. We spent the time at a beautiful log home along the little Deschutes river. Softly snowing at times. Sharing meals made by each other. Reading, relaxing, laughing, and just enjoying being away together.

   They even had a chance to learn a new skill. We bought yarn and needles and one friend ( NJ) taught another (ST)  to knit. SY began a new project with the crochet hook and chenille yarn. So soft , for her grandaughter.

                                                       and I brought a new project to sew...

"Scrappy Trips"

All in all a most enjoyable weekend.....

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