Wednesday, October 30, 2013

get ready for a good Mystery

Last week Bonnie Hunter posted the color and fabric requirements for her holiday mystery. Now this is HUGE! She has a mystery on her blog every year between Thanksgiving  and New Years . Last year I did Easy Street along with her and all her followers. I think this group grows every time she does this.  I even had two sisters follow. I saw several Easy Streets at the Sisters Quilt Show in July and one of my Guild girls also had a beautiful one.

So anyway off to Lowes I went to pick up her suggested paint cards to start going thru my stash.

  Going to try and not buy any fabric this time , at least for the front. She has two sizes to choose from, not sure about that yet.
So how about it. Are you up for a good Mystery. Come and join the Mahem! 
You know you want to.......
Click on the little button with the green bear off to your right. It should take you to the site.

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  1. Can't wait Jerri to see yours ! I am doing it this year too but the smaller size.