Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Initially Yours Challenge

     monday night at the West Side Quilters Guild meeting the challenge for 2014 was revealed. There were 20 quilts revealed. What a great showing. Our challenge was to make a small quilt using our initials. I had such a hard time coming up with my quilt. Actually the quilt was easy as I had started another challenge quilt with Riiley Blake fabrics and missed the deadline for that one, so I finished it for this challenge instead. Here are the quilts.......

                So many different quilts!

            Each with their own personality

        And each with a story told

                Love the artistic expression

Oh man I love this quilting

        Creativity at its finest

     Words with meaning

       Some with dimension

      This is mine. Can you guess what
      I said with my initials?

      No, not Jeri's Baskets.....

      Love this show and tell quilt of Barbara's'

        And this Lazy Sunday by Stephanie.

   Sorry got a little off track.....

           Here is the back of my Initially Yours


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  1. Jeri, love your quilt ~~ especially the "just because" on the back! Excellent.