Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I really can't believe November is almost over. This week we will travel to San Diego to spend Thanksgiving with my son and DIL. Should be a nice visit. Won't be able to take my Grand Illusions mystery quilt fabrics so I won't get mine started til Monday....not a race right.  I have been invited to get together with friends on the Fridays after Thanksgiving and between Christmas to work together on our Mystery Quilts. That sounds like so much fun. I will miss not starting my mystery this year with my sisters as I have done the past two years. May need to FaceTime that day ! I will also miss not getting my moms Christmas tree decorated with my sisters this year.  That has been a tradition for several years past.

Alright enough words for now.. We did take a cruise earlier his month to celebrate my husbands birthday so time to share a few pics....

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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