Sunday, November 30, 2014

Time To Solve Another Mystery

Time for another Bonnie Hunter mystery! This year the participation has grown to big numbers. I was able to get clue 1 started while away from home this weekend. I brought just a few of my mystery fabrics from home with me and used my DILs sewing machine and cutting tools.

Sewing om my DILs Slantomatic. 
It is a sweet machine. 
Look at my supervisor!

     Half Square Triangles using the Magic Eight method.

        Neatly trimmed HST's

        A few finished Broken Dishes Blocks.

     My Quality Assurance helper.

        Going to miss this boy.  "Norman"

        I was able to finish about 
     half the required blocks for step one.

       And I shopped on Small Business Saturday
        For a few more turquoise pieces and some
        Cute sewing themed fabric.

        Tomorrow / Monday we head home.


  1. Looking good on clue one! So much fun to see even more folks than last year joining in!

  2. You worked really fast! The blocks look great, and your supervisor is sure handsome.