Monday, June 8, 2015


Today I finished a baby quilt for a little girl who will turn one this month. This quilt has a story to tell as do many quilts. A little over a year ago I lost a friend suddenly . She was a fellow seamstress. Her husband had asked if I could finish a project his wife had been planning on making for their soon to be grandchild. In her sewing room I found a neat stack of fabric that she had lovingly prewashed in preparation for her first grandchild. There were small notes about what she was planning. While picking up the fabric I noticed a 3 ring binder with Baby Quilts written on the front. It was separate from the pile of fabrics on a bookshelf.  Inside I found more hand written notes about a baby quilt that matched the fabric in the stack. It was as if she was looking down to tell me what she had been planning on making. And so today I will give the quilt to her husband "grandpa" to give to his granddaughter.

   Sometimes making something like this
   Gives so much purpose to what I can do.

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