Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Invisible Machine Applique

I have been asked to teach a "machine" applique class for our guild in September. Panic....People do you know how many different techniques there are out there? Too many .... I picked one today that is a combination of methods that I have used. These are my samples so far.

First a simple pattern. I agonized over this. Not necessary. Why do I always over think things? A bad habit I guess. In the end this is what I made for the first piece. Just traced my hand and added a heart inside. Whew that took entirely too long.

This is the result in fabric. Kind of fun to play with a few new stitches on the Bernina, a foot that has never been used, and invisible thread. I am kind of liking this technique. Keep it simple.

Next I need to find another simple pattern to do. Maybe something with flowers ....or maybe a Sunbonnet Sue. The possibilities are endless. Once again I need to make it simple and not over think.

And then I need to write up a list of what to bring to class. My fellow teacher who will be teaching hand/turned applique posted hers last week. Yikes! I need to get busy I guess. :> Later, JERI

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