Friday, June 3, 2011

Out and About

No I didn't go MIA. I have just been traveling, from San Diego to see my son and DIL, and then on to Denver to see my daughter. The weather has been so much better than in Portland. No rain and 70 in San Diego to 80-90 in Denver. It makes me feel like spring into summer. I'm not sure how to post pictures on my daughters computer, so they may have to wait until I get home. I will be home again on Monday, for now I will just be ejoying the sunshine, Gary (daughters pug) and being with my daughter.

The deck from our hotel overlooked the Marina. 

One of the main reasons we went to San Diego was to hear our sons band play. 
The New Kinetics
Our son is the drummer.

Kind of fun to hear them in this setting.

A little sightseeing during the day. Look at that sun!

Coffee stop in La Jolla

La Jolla

 The seals have taken over this beach

Up to the studio to see some of my sons art /work in progress. 
This is his gear tower. Motorized.

Point Loma with my DIL

and now I am in Denver........

Enjoy your day!     Jeri


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