Monday, June 4, 2012

in Monday's Mail.....

    Today I took the garbage out only to fine two parcels on my front porch.....I love to get packages in the mail, kinda made my day.

      The first box contained this cute sign that I found on Etsy last week.Just lovin' it for my bathroom. Goes well with the new shower curtain I just got. Now  if I can get the DH to paint for me I will have a new look in there.

and the second package.......

contained some new pantos that I have been eying....
not on the wish list any more.

This chubby swirly leaf is so dang cute.
Love it!

I needed a little daisy one for my sisters quilt.

This one has been on my list a long time.....
Can't wait to try it on a couple of baby charity quilts.

and then this one. I want to see if this is an easier way to quilt BF's than with the circle rulers.

and that's my Monday so far. Have a great week.....Jeri

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