Monday, December 17, 2012

Easy Street Monday Linkup

It's Monday and time to show some progress on the Mystery with Bonnie Hunter "Easy Street".

I was busy all weekend making some christmas gifts and finishing my Step 4 part of the Mystery.

got a little baking done too, though I leave most of that to the DH. He likes to bake.

First up a little Christmas gifting......

Some little thread catchers....

my Guild gift. Mug Rug, Pincushion, and Thread Catcher

and I learned how to put a zip closure in a pillow.
Can't show the front of this one....It's a secret!

and now to show a few of my Step 4 blocks. Lots of geese flying....and some green squares.

                              and I found a picture of my two sisters' progress on FaceBook....

one in purple teal green colors,
and one in gold, red , blue, colors...
They get together on most Fridays to sew.
This week they had my mom and niece supervising!

once again I will try and do the link up thing.......

Enjoy your week! /  Jeri



  1. Your colours are looking great.

  2. Cool my colors are the same as yours..I think our quilts will be lovely:)Happy Quilting

  3. I love the little drawstring bags...I need to grab that pattern :)