Saturday, December 28, 2013

Shaded Four Patches

AKA Mary's unit blocks according to Sally Schneider

So today during quilt cam I launched into Clue 5 Celtic Solstice.  I read a few posts on Facebook and remembered a workshop taught by one of our guild members a few years ago on the Mary's Unit Block. I dug through all the UFOs and found the nice stack that I had started with the workshop. The units were quite a bit larger than needed for this clue but I also had a conversion chart for making the unit in different sizes....I had also acquired  The "Gizmo" which is sold on Sally Schneider's site (

It is a small acrylic ruler
 for marking the unit 
In a wonky half

These are my beginning units all sewn

This one has been pressed open

You then layer it with a blue rectangle
Mark the sewing lines with the 
Offset "Gizmo" sew on the lines and
Cut them apart.....
Two units !

So far 20 units made...
And 80 partially sewn.

With this method you make units 2 for one.

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  1. Great work-around on your split triangle method. May have to give it a shot. Thanks for sharing!