Monday, June 21, 2010

Finishing a quilt or two.....

Tonight is Guild night and I am finished with this charity quilt to take.

It was another scrap quilt made with 2.5 inch squares. Simple, but I do silll love the repro fabrics.

But, my challenge today is to finish this quilt for my sister. I am almost done, just have to quilt the outer border. Here is a picture of it under my machinel.

 and another a little bit closer.......

stipple, stipple, stipple......

and a little straight line sewing too!

I sure hope she likes it...... :)   Jeri

1 comment:

  1. She does, she does like it!!! Of course you knew I would. It looks good on the web, did you notice all the little mistakes and ignore them--- it is a craft you know. Hope you are busy having fun with Ali. We had our Wednesday sewing circle today and though we would all send you our mystery quilt to quilt. Each will look different, but each will be the same. Today we finished with the A blocks. Judy