Monday, June 7, 2010

Summertime Mystery Challenge Part 1

Okay are you ready to get started................ I hope this will all make sense, as this is my first attempt at posting a tutorial on my blog. Let me know if you need clarification on anything. 

This will be a quilt that will finish approximately 50'' by 62''.

      I use this term loosely as I hope you will be pulling from fabric you already have.

You need 72 - 2 .5 inch black squares ...and 72 - 2.5 inch cream squares.
  These are mine, you can see I pulled an assortment from my stash. If you want to stick with one cream fabric and one black fabric throughout , you can. Just cut strips of 2.5 inches and subcut them into 2.5 inch squares. So for 72 squares you need 5 strips cut the width of fabric at 2.5 inches for each color.

Some of mine have pattern in them and some don't.

From your scraps of medium color fabrics you need the following to make 48 blocks....

You need 48 sets. I cut 2 sets out of each of my scraps and so have some duplicates in my quilts. You can easily use charm squares and jellyroll strips for these blocks. Each charm square will make one block and out of a jelly roll you could get 2 blocks. Cut these as follows.

For each block you need ....
2 / 2.5 inch squares
2 / rectangles cut  2.5 inches by 4.5 inches

This is one set.....

and here are four more......
Janet do these fabrics look familiar? Thanks for your scraps!

Alright there you go for now. Get cutting and next time we will get to sewing! Jeri


  1. Jeri,
    This looks interesting! I am going to start pulling out fabrics and start cutting!

  2. I have one more week of school, so I might be a little behind but I'll get started :)

  3. Jeni, yours just won't be a mystery, that's all.....

  4. Hi Jeri... I found you right after our trip to You Sew @ Just decided it couldn't be that hard. At this moment I am printing out the directions and will start cutting at once!!!!! Judy

  5. Jeri, we are cut and ready to go on to part two!!! Judy, Janet and Jill